Thai Massage Courses

Thai Foot Reflexology /Massage

You will learn:
How to give a Thai foot reflexology massage as is done in the streets of Thailand .  We will learn the techniques using oil as well as a Thai stick. In Thailand a foot treatment usually begins with a soak and finishes with a light back treatment.

This workshop is for two days.  It is eligible for credit with NHPCA.
Cost:  $325.00+GST

Thai Style Massage Level 1 & II (S)

Level 1
Thai massage is done on a mat, on the floor, fully clothed.  The massage can last from one to two hours.  The techniques are compression, stretching, thumb chasing and more.  No oils are used.  Level 1 is in the supine position.  This course is 4 days.  A certificate is not given until the level 1 & 2 are successfully completed.
Cost:  $650.00 + GST

Level 2
Level 2 continues with the side-lying, prone and seated positions and concentrates on teaching the  whole package.
This course is a four day course with a prerequisite of Thai  Style Massage Level 1.  After successfully completing both levels 1 & 2, a certificate will be granted.
Cost:  level 2 $650.00 + GST
Cost:  pay for both and SAVE $100 00 ($1200.00 for both)