Benefits of Relaxation

The Benefits of Relaxation For Your Company, Your Employees and Your Events:

For Your Company:

  • Boost productivity
  • Decrease employee sick days
  • Increase employee loyalty
  • Improve motivation, and morale
  • Reduce stress-related illness and injuries
  • Reward employees (incentives they will be able to use)

For Your Employees:

  • Reduce stress, tension, fatigue, pain and stiffness while increasing energy
  • Aids with creativity
  • Helps them to focus
  • Elevate levels of the “feel-good” endorphins – the natural way to “feel good”


  • Always a crowd pleaser at Trade Shows,
  • Always draws an audience
  • A great way to give those attending conferences and seminars a “pick me up”
  • Raise more funds with a unique activity people love
  • Treat the Participants like VIP’s and they will never forget your generosity

We not only provide Chair Massage on a group level. It you are interested in any of our services to visit you we offer: Table Massage, Chair Massage, Foot, Hand, Ear and Facial Reflexology as well as Thai Massage. Please call for more information.